FAGS is a strategy to survive.

We initiated FAGS to avoid/resist/turn away from cultural policies as dictated by the right-wing patriarchy.

To avoid the white cubes, the white rooms and the white men.


We initiated FAGS because we need air.

/Johanna Gustavsson & Zafire Vrba



FAGS is feminist separatist, this is our definition:



FAGS is a space for and by feminists.

FAGS creates and exhibits feminist art.

FAGS claims all forms and aspects of art.

FAGS interprets the gallery format in multiple ways.

FAGS places art in a feminist discourse.

FAGS operates through a feminist process.

FAGS is alcohol- and drug free.

FAGS is a feminist act.


All participants of FAGS, visitors, artists and organisers, agree with FAGS’ definition of feminism. Our work and discussions begin on a level where the importance of feminism is already established. We take the time we need

for what is important. We think critically, challenge each other and develop feminism through our practise.

In our working process we choose the feminist alternative without compromise.


FAGS definition of feminism:

Feminism is to resist patriarchy, hetero sexism and binary gender norms.

Feminism is to resist capitalism and racism.

Feminism is to understand that there are power structures, locally and globally, and that they intersect.

Feminism is to see one’s own position within these structures, that we are a part of this world, our bodies

throw shadows, that we both gain and loose space and priviliges.

Feminism is to understand one’s blind spots and to realize that it is impossible to see everything from

a singular position.

Feminism is to show solidarity with others and do things together.

Feminism is to reject priviliges that prevent equality.


Are you a feminist?

If you agree with this, you are welcome to FAGS.





FAGS is initiated by artists and educators Johanna Gustavsson and Zafire Vrba.


FAGS opened their first exhibition in Stockholm during October 2013.

After that FAGS has organized Bländad - critical courses about whiteness in art and feminism.

FAGS moved to Gothenburg during the spring 2015 thanks to a residence at Konstepidemin. In March 2016 FAGS published to book FAGS:METOD about feminist and anti racist methods for artistic practice. In November 2016 FAGS will exhibit at Galleri KC in Göteborg. After that we want to move again - invite us!


If you would like to get in contact with FAGS please send an email to: contact.fags@gmail.com